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skincare_icon-791798-edited  Skin Care


Our holistic approach to your skin includes analyzing and identifying triggers to properly treat and encourage your skin's health.

  • We offer both conventional facials and acupuncture facials, as well as treatments for your back

  • Most services can be bundled into a package

  • We never push products - our estheticians are not working on commission.

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The Essentials Facial   $96

60 minutes  (no acupuncture)

After a double-cleanse, skin analysis
and exfoliation, we clear congestion
through gentle extractions, followed
by masque, hydration and spf
protection formulated to your skin
type and conditions.
Massage of the neck, shoulders
and d??collet?? delightfully included.

The Back Basics   $96

60 minutes (no acupuncture)

The Back Basics is specifically for all those hard-to-reach areas. This treatment begins with dry-body brushing to stimulate lymph and loosen debris before we cleanse, steam, and exfoliate the back. Extractions help clear bra strap and shoulder congestion followed by a Dead Sea mud masque to detox and hydration to nourish.

The Whole 9 Basics   $149

90 minutes (no acupuncture)

The Whole 9 offers you our most pampering and results-oriented treatment. Along with all of The Essentials, this 90 min skin treatment provides ample time for thorough extractions to promote clean, clear skin AND massage to relax and unwind. Want to begin with a back massage? Just let us know when you book!

The Express facial   $68

40 Minutes (no acupuncture)

This expedited treatment allows you to focus on your main concern. Choose one of the following three customizations: 1) Pore Refining - eliminates congestion through blackhead relief, extractions and high-frequency; 2) Flash Exfoliation - professional exfoliation sheds dead surface cells to reveal brighter, younger looking skin; or 3) Moisture Boost - gives your skin a big drink of water with aromatherapy steam, massage and hydrating masques.




Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture   $75

60 minutes (includes needling)

Through the micro-stimulation of points on the face, natural collagen and elastin production is built up. This leaves the face more supple and smooth, while minimizing lines and wrinkles. Also good to treat acne, rosacea, and dark circles under the eyes.

High Frequency Follow-Up   $45

3 sessions, 15 minutes each (no acupuncture)

High-frequency current creates a germicidal effect as it kills bacteria and promotes healing for acne and break-outs. Can be helpful during hormonal changes or weather wardrobe changes (irritation from scarves, hats, sweatbands).

1+1 Skincare Introductory
***Special $135***

A two-hour warm welcome to your skin health through both acupuncture based FACIAL REJUVENATION and needle-free THE ESSENTIALS FACIAL. This complementary pairing allows you to experience both approaches to your skin at an introductory rate. Your skin type, conditions and goals will be addressed in both sessions. Best to book each one hour session on different days.

Prefer a consult?

15 minutes for $15

Here's your opportunity to ask questions about your particular skin type and conditions. Receive a skin analysis alongwith firsthand recommendations and treatment advice from an expert in the skin care field.