If you are anything like me, you became an acupuncturist so that you could further your understanding of this beautiful medicine while providing for yourself and helping other people.

On paper it seems so perfect. But for far too many of us, the reality of professional life is that marketing skills are more highly valued than clinical efficacy, and if you aren't willing or able to learn the specifics of internet advertising you are stuck working in some chirpractor's office on an hourly wage.

Even if you are one of the few who has developed a successful private practice, you can't afford to get sick or take a vacation. You don't have a 401(k), and a too-large percentage of your working time is spent on getting new patients and growing your practice.


That's where City Acupuncture comes in.


City Acupuncture is an innovative alliance of independently-owned community acupuncture clinics united under one brand. By pooling our resources into one brand, City Acupuncture clinic owners:

Our 3 New York City clinics are currently performing over 2,600 sessions per month and we are ready to expand! 

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