what to expect from an acupuncture session

City Acupuncture clinics see thousands of new people every year. We have used that experience to create a thoughtful, effective, affordable clinic model. Here is what to expect from your first visit.


Step 1. the intake

beds_in_clinic-701380-edited-828638-edited.pngWhen you first come in to any of our locations you will be greeted by a receptionist and checked in. There are some quick forms to fill out on your fist visit so please allow extra time.

At your scheduled appointment time an acupuncturist will escort you to a treatment table and ask you to take off any jewelry. They will also ask you to take off your socks and shoes and to lie down on a massage table. There will be a basket at the table to keep your valuables safe and in your immediate vicinity at all times.

Your acupuncturist will review your condition with you and ask some pointed questions. There will be white noise machines and soft music playing in the background for privacy. We also will ask everyone to speak in muted voices so as not to disturb the other people getting treatment at that time. All told, you will spend about 10 - 15 minutes speaking with your provider, maybe longer on a first visit.



Step 2. the acupuncture 

female_acuist_does_needles_on_a_back-028846-edited.jpgAfter completing their evaluation, your provider will decide on an acupuncture prescription. This is a series of points along your body in which your acupuncturist will place hair-thin, sterile, single-use acupuncture needles in order to promote your body's natural healing. Click here to read more about what acupuncture is, or here to learn more about how acupuncture works.

Because acupuncture prescriptions are very specifically tailored to your condition at the time of your visit, there is no way to predetermine what points will be used. Therefore, we ask everyone to wear loose fitting clothes. At very least you should be able to roll your sleeves to your elbows and your pants to the knee. Also, keep in mind that if you are coming for pain we will likely want to access the affected area.

Once the needles are in you will rest on the table for 25 - 45 minutes. Many people fall asleep but this is not necessary for the acupuncture to work. At very least you will feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Our open treatment room floor plan allows an acupuncturist to be within eyeshot and earshot at all times, so if you are fidgety someone wil come over right away to get you comfortable and resting again.


Step 3. Finishing the session

what to expect from an acupuncture sessionAfter the resting time is over your acupuncturist will come back to remove the needles. This happens very quickly and you will not feel any pain. If your provider has quick fixes for you to do at home they will let you know at this time (e.g. muscle stretches or dietary suggestions). They will also spend some time reviewing their treatment plan for you.

The treatment plan is a written statement describing how many sessions of acupuncture you will need, and over what time period, in order to feel lasting relief. The treatment plan will also lay out any adjunctive services your acupuncturist thinks will be necessary for your condition, like massage therapy or herbal medicine.

A typical lower back pain treatment plan is illustrated in the picture to the left as an example. Of course, all back pain is different so your treatment plan may vary. But we see here that this person was told to come for 3 sessions of regular acupuncture and  1 session of trigger point acupuncture over 2 weeks.  After this person completes their treatment plan they will be re-evaluated. Either they will be pain free, or they will be better but still not 100%, or there will be no change. The treatment plan lets you and your acupuncturist know when to start assessing whether or not the acupuncture is working.nBest part: We offer all sessions involved in a treatment plan for 20% off.

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