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Shoulder Pain


Alleviating Shoulder Pain with Acupuncture

 Shoulder pain can be caused by a number of different things, but the commonality in all of it is that, well, it hurts! Constant shoulder pain can make even simple tasks like carrying groceries or even raising your hand impossible. 

Thankfully, acupuncture treatments can help relieve shoulder pain to help you go return to your normal, daily activities!


Understanding the Root of Your Shoulder Pain

Unlike other treatment options for shoulder pain, City Acupuncture???s patient-centered approach allows our acupuncturists to devise a plan of treatment that is best suited for your needs.

In the majority of cases, neck and shoulder pain is a caused by either an injury to the area or overuse. 

Shoulder Pain Caused by Injury

If your neck and shoulder pain is caused by an injury, the focus of your treatment will be on helping the body recover from the injury as quickly and completely as possible. Aiding your body???s natural healing process will make your recovery time shorter and will lessen the chance of this injury becoming a chronic issue. 

Shoulder Pain Caused by Overuse

If your neck and shoulder pain is caused by overuse, the treatment will likely focus on relaxing knots and tension in the area that is affected. Once the knots are released we focus on restoring the free flow of blood and oxygen to the area to facilitate longer-term healing. It is important to note that acupuncture is not magic - if you sit at a computer all day (by far the most common cause of chronic neck and shoulder pain), it is likely your neck and shoulder pain will come back a couple of weeks after the treatment. 

Therefore, our acupuncturists also make stretch routines and education part of the treatment. This preventative stretching will often serve to keep the pain away for the long term.


Acupuncture is a patient-centered medicine, meaning that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. On your first visit, you will have an evaluation and your acupuncturist will decide on a course of treatment that is most appropriate for you and your situation. 

Your customized treatment plan will outline your treatment options and necessary sessions to help treat your chronic shoulder pain. 

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Convenient New York City Locations for Your Acupuncture Treatment

With three convenient locations in NYC, you can find a City Acupuncture close to your home or workplace.  Visit one of our locations in Fulton Street, East Village or Bed Stuy to get started on your acupuncture treatment today!  

If you???re a new client, ask about our new client offer! Stop living in pain ??? contact us today!

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