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More time to do what you love.

Less time spent on marketing and advertising.

City Acupuncture's professional campaigns are proven successful.

Marketing and advertising is the single greatest challenge an acupuncturist faces in a major city. Not only do you require a constant supply of new people, our clinics are just not set up to yield the kind of profits it would take to engage in traditional advertising.

Content marketing (sometimes called inbound marketing) is an affordable option for small businesses like ours. And when it is done correctly, content marketing really works! For example, City Acupuncture currently uses content marketing to drive thousands of sessions per month to our 3 current New York City clinics.

The problem is that the learning curve is high and it takes a LOT of time.  To do it yourself you have to act as a webmaster, copywriter, editor, graphic designer, blogger, social media manager, ad manager and more - all while running a clinic and seeing high volumes of patients. It's too much!

City Acupuncture is founded on the principle that you don't have to do it all by yourself. If a bunch of us clinic owners choose instead to pool our resources under one brand, we can collectively afford a professional marketing and advertising agency to handle it for all of us.

That saves us the time we would otherwise have to spend on:

  • A Website. Our partner clinics are instantly included on a site with over 10,000 visits per month (and rapidly growing). Our regular reports will show you exactly how many people each campaign drove to your page of the website so you know what is working for you at all times. 
  • Blogs. Blogs are crucial for letting Google and other search engines know what your business is about. Our partner clinics benefit from at least 4 new blogs per month and an archive of hundreds of well performing previous posts. We are sure to feature each clinic's neighborhood on a regular basis to maximize the impact that each blog has on your specific business.
  • Email. Email is the single most powerful tool you have to educate potential clients on why acupuncture is a good solution for them.  City Acupuncture has a professional writing and design team crafting emails that guide potential patients through the journey of discovery, helping them to recognize all of the benefits our ancient medicine possesses.
  • Promotions. Our creative team will also write and send professional email blasts for limited time promotions that drive dollars to your bank account quickly when necessary.  
  • SEO. Search engine optimization is not necessarily difficult, but it is very time consuming to do in an effective way. Our professional marketing team includes SEO experts who perform ongoing page optimization, UX and conversion analysis, content enrichment, link flow optimization, link acquistion, and a bunch of other technical stuff that you don't even want to read about, let alone do month after month after month.
  • Pay Per Click Ad Management. Anyone can spend $500 on Google AdWords. The problem is that most people will burn through that money without seeing any return on investment. Our sophisticated pay-per-click campaigns are far more effective. Click here to learn more.


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