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Treating Allergies with Acupuncture

Seasonal allergies can be truly miserable for many people. From itchy eyes to a runny nose, the changing seasons and pollen levels can ruin even the best of days. The good news is that acupuncture can help you manage your allergies and allow you to enjoy the outdoors. 

Thanks to our patient-centered approach, City Acupuncture offers personalized treatment plans that help manage and relieve even the worst of allergy problems.


Acupuncture for Allergy Treatment

If you???re tired of sneezing, a runny nose with watery phlegm, drowsiness and fatigue, it???s time to reconsider your current allergy treatment. While most traditional approaches to treating allergies is based on avoiding common allergens like pollen, grass, dust mites and animal dander, it???s not always an option. 

While most medications offer symptomatic relief, they never fully address the cause of your allergies. Acupuncture, on the other hand, focuses on treating the whole person and strengthening the immune system to better help you manage your allergies long-term, not just a few hours at a time. 

An acupuncture treatment can dramatically alleviate your allergy symptoms and help you manage triggers. This means you can enjoy more of your life without having to worry about your allergies! 


Unlike traditional allergy treatments with drugs, our acupuncture treatment plans are centered on our patients??? individual needs and goals. During your first visit, you will meet with one of our acupuncturists to discuss your existing allergy symptoms, triggers, previous treatments and your goals. This initial evaluation will allow your acupuncturist to customize your treatment plan to manage or alleviate your allergy symptoms. Your acupuncturist will also discuss recommended sessions and other tips for managing your allergies better.

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At City Acupuncture, our goal is to make acupuncture treatments more accessible for people in New York City. We have several locations around the city, including Bed Stuy, East Village, and Fulton Street, making it easy for you to find allergy relief. 

All of our locations are easily accessible through public transportation. You???re sure to find a City Acupuncture close to work or home! 

Contact your nearest City Acupuncture to schedule your first appointment today! If you???re a new client, be sure to ask about our new client offer!

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