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GirlinmaskholdingflowersThere are few things more challenging than trying to effectively treat seasonal allergies. Whether your allergy is to pollen or dust or some combination of other products, most people go through months or years of trying to find relief. So what options will work best for you? The truth is that only you can know that for sure and only by trying a lot of different solutions. But here are some hints to point you in the right direction.

Visit An Allergist

While it might sound obvious, go to an allergist and find out precisely what you're allergic to and why. It's amazing how many people are walking around with allergies that are undiagnosed or incorrectly diagnosed. Saying that you have an allergy to pollen isn't specific enough.

What kind of pollen?

Does one plant or time of the year impact you more than others?

Simple questions, but knowing the answer will be your first step to solving the problem. In some cases the answer may be as simple as altering your schedule to reduce exposure. In many more cases this will not be enough, but you can't avoid what you haven't identified.

Know Your Options

It also makes sense to try approaches that are not traditional medicine. You don't have to give up those allergy shots yet, but there are supplements and other all-natural products that might ease or completely relieve your symptoms and allow you to ease off of the prescription route. But every person's reactions and needs are different and you will have to be patient as you find the right mix for your allergies.

city acupuncture nyc community acupuncture ny It's also important to find some people who can help guide your through the process, either an allergist and/or someone who has battled with their own allergy problems. If your doctor is open to discussing non-prescription and natural medicine, you can open the discussion with him/her.  If you do not have access to a doctor that will give you honest, objective information about your options use the button to the right! You can ask any question you like and one of our licensed acupuncturists will get back to you within 24 hours.


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