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What is Poem in a Pocket Day?

Posted by Rob Benhuri

Apr 24, 2015 7:30:00 AM

poet_reading-704446-edited-335294-editedEvery April something strange happens; thousands of people, people who work regular jobs and hold regular lives, carry a piece of life around in their pockets.

Throughout the day men and women, students, teachers, cashiers, bankers, and hundreds of others will take out these little slices of life, and share them with others.

These fragments of philosophy take the form of poems, and April is full of impromptu readings on street corners, in break rooms, in bars, cafes, and anywhere else that people gather.

The event is referred to as Poem in a Pocket Day.

When Did That Get Started?

According to Poets.org Poem in a Pocket Day was started in April 2002 by the Mayor of New York City. The idea was to do something special during National Poetry Month, and to encourage regular people to embrace the art associated with poetry in an unusual way. It was the Academy of National Poets who spread the word outside the boundaries of New York City though, and who helped bring national attention to this particular celebration. 2015's Poem in a Pocket Day will be held on April 30th, so those who are contemplating joining in still have plenty of time to select a verse and get it ready to be read.

What Are The Rules?

There aren't any rules, really. You take a poem, put it in your pocket, and throughout the day you take it out and share it with people. The idea is simple, and if you find a group of people to participate with it can fill your Poem in a Pocket Day with more verse than you could ever have found on your own.

Be sure to join us for our FREE wine and cheese poetry reading to celebrate Poem in a Pocket Day, Thursday April 30th at 7 pm!

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