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affordable-acupuncture-nyc.jpgEvery once in a while you have a patient whose whole personality seems to change after a few acupuncture treatments.  Kevin started coming to see me a few months ago for neck and shoulder pain and after a few treatments seemed like a different person. Here's a short interview about his experience.
Read this to hear from a real patient at City Acupuncture East Village about what it's like to finally get rid of neck and shoulder pain!
What was it that made you first seek out acupuncture?
I had been enduring some severe neck and shoulder pain for about a year and a half or two years going to western medicine nothing had subsided so I decided to take a more holistic approach.
What kind of treatments had you tried before?
I went to my primary care physician who then referred me to a neurologist- that was pretty much it.  The neurologist wanted to place me on anti-inflammatories and pain killers and this seemed like just a bunch of pills that were covering up symptoms rather than treating the problem.
What type of a negative impact was the neck and shoulder pain having on you before coming for acupuncture?
It had gotten to the point two weeks prior to coming that I wasn???t able to continue taking the yoga classes that I take three times a week.  I am a bartender so it was really painful while pouring drinks- I didn???t realize how bad of a mood I was in from being uncomfortable and in pain all the time.  Within a 2-3 week timeframe I would consume between 1 1/2 - 2 bottles of advil for the pain.  I knew that this wasn???t the way to go on dealing with the pain
How did you find us at City Acupuncture?
I looked it up online- I had heard of community acupuncture in San Diego and searched to see if they had something similar here in New York.

Was it the first time you tried acupuncture?
I had tried acupuncture about 20 years ago for a lower back issue. This was the first time I have done acupuncture consistently.  So far I have come weekly for the past six weeks
What effect has this had?
Between the first and last sessions- it has been a really amazing experience I have gone from being a really unaware and grouchy person- just reacting to triggers immediately as opposed to just being able to take a breath and waiting things out.  There has been a tremendous improvement on my demeanor.  Everyone commented on what a good mood I was in; my boss and co-workers mentioned it, my roommates noticed also. I had gotten to a point where I couldn???t really stand myself because I was so irritable and didn???t realize that it was the effect of the pain.  It just felt discomfort all the time and now six weeks after the pain has been gone I realize what a burden it had been on me.  Now that I am no longer in pain I have more energy and enthusiasm for other interested, I am able to meditate more deeply- I feel much more focussed.  
It sounds like one of these situations where you don???t realize how much pain you were in until it is gone.  You aren???t aware of the effect that the pain is having on your life until you are living without it.
Absolutely, 100%!  I never thought of myself as being in chronic pain- It just seemed like an annoyance.  Now that the pain is gone- I can???t imagine how I lived with it!
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