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Acupuncture for Menopausal Symptoms

Can acupuncture help menopausal symptoms?


Menopause is something which will affect all women at some point during their lives. The hormonal changes which happen throughout your 40s and 50s can result in a number of different physical and...

Acupuncture for Women???s Health

Being a woman is often considered a blessing, with the ability to give birth to and nourish new life, to mother and nurture the next generation. However, riding a rollercoaster of hormonal changes each month can sometimes make life hard, and in...

Using Acupuncture to Treat the Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause is something which affects every woman as she reaches middle age. Over time, her periods will become less regular and eventually stop. This is because all women are born with a fixed number of eggs. This number naturally reduces...

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