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Neck and Shoulder Pain in the Age of Technology

If neck and shoulder pain suddenly takes over, your instinct might be to ask, "what have I done different recently?"

If that isn't leading you to a cause, you might be asking the wrong question. Instead, try: "What do I do excessively?"  

8 All-Natural Home Remedies for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Our heads are supported by our neck, which consists of seven bones (vertebrae) that are stacked up on top of each other.

These vertebrae are cushioned with cartilage that are kept together with ligaments and supported by muscle.

When something is...

Neck and Shoulder Pain: Common Causes and Natural Relief

Sometimes, life can be a pain in the neck.

Most people have experienced or will experience some degree of neck and shoulder pain in their lives.It can turn an ordinary day into an excruciating hassle.

Typically, neck pain is caused by strain,...

Is Trigger Point Acupuncture Right For Me?

Trigger points are focused knots of pain located in tightened muscle tissue. They develop out of acute or repetitive overtraining, musculoskeletal imbalance, injury or other kind of strain.

Trigger point acupuncture is a newer style of...

A Behind The Scenes Look At How Acupuncture Helps Neck Pain

Acupuncture Offers Dynamic Relief For Neck Pain

While many may perceive acupuncture as an esoteric practice, it has been used worldwide as primary health care for centuries. Today, The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as a safe...

Acupressure Points: Unlocking The Secrets To Neck Pain Relief

If you are new to acupressure you will be pleasantly surprised to discover how you can use it with ease to relieve neck pain. Acupressure is the use of therapeutic points along the skin's surface that bring about healing when stimulated by touch....

Your Comprehensive Guide To Professional Shoulder and Neck Pain

Discovering Lasting Relief For Neck And Shoulder Pain Now

Over 100 million patients a year report experiencing pain conditions, yet only 51 % of those people discover lasting relief. Because medications tend to deal with symptoms rather than...

The Comprehensive List Of Natural Home Remedies for Neck Pain

Sure, you may think your boss, your spouse or your significant other is the biggest pain in your neck, but the fact is, your aching neck is caused by more than nagging. Most neck and shoulder pain is due to overworked or strained muscles, and if...

Do You Have A Pinched Nerve In Your Neck? Take This Short Quiz

Do You Suffer From Chronic Shoulder & Neck Pain?

Neck and shoulder pain is incredibly common and has a number of causes. You may suspect that your pain is caused by a pinched nerve if you meet some of the following conditions. Happily, if your...

6 Ways To Stop Neck and Shoulder Pain In A New York Minute

Who has time to deal with neck pain? You have things to do, places to be, and plenty of work to get done. The last thing you want to deal with is neck pain. Yet, it happens to even the most fit. Neck and shoulder pain can stem from injury or...

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