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Does Acupuncture Help Back Pain?

WebMD reports a study funded by the National Institutes for Health and done by Group Health Center for Health Studies in Seattle that not only found acupuncture successful at treating back pain, but also found it more effective than conventional...

Is Trigger Point Acupuncture Right For Me?

Trigger points are focused knots of pain located in tightened muscle tissue. They develop out of acute or repetitive overtraining, musculoskeletal imbalance, injury or other kind of strain.

Trigger point acupuncture is a newer style of...

Here's How Acupuncture Helps Back Pain

Recently I wrote about 4 things you do every day that cause back pain. In this post, I wanted to follow up with a basic introduction to how acupuncture can help relieve your pain once it starts.

The foundation of acupuncture lies in the belief...

Do I Have Sciatica? The Epic Story Of The Misdiagnosed New Yorker

Living In NYC With Low Back Pain? It Could Be Sciatica

New York City dwellers, young and old are no strangers to long work days and commutes. Couple a job at the computer with the constant pounding of the pavement and bam, you've got the recipe...

4 Things New Yorkers Do Everyday That Cause Low Back Pain

Have you considered what aspects of your daily routine that may be contributing to your experience of low back pain? Whether you're pounding the New York City pavement or sitting behind a desk all day at work, the movements that drive daily...

Decoding Trigger Point Therapy

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