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Some Fun, Healthy Activities in Fidi

By John Tilley - Oct 3, 2017 10:36:00 AM


City Acupuncture's flagship clinic on Fulton Street is celebrating 6 years in the Financial District of Manhattan in New York City.  In honor of just how much this neighborhood has changed over the years, we have compiled a list of healthy things to eat and do right here in FiDi.

Healthy Food

Finding a healthy eating spot in FiDi need not be so fraught: enter sweetgreen, at 67 Wall Street.  With their custom salads and warm bowls from locally-sourced farmers and vendors, they???re sure to help you detoxify and feel fresh. 

If you???re wanting something a little heartier, but still on the vegan spectrum, try Terri at 100 Maiden Lane - they have chicken sandwiches and juices to satisfy even the hungriest customer. 

For something spicy and fun, hit Mulberry & Vine at 73 Warren Street, with their world-influenced and carefully-sourced fare that???s quick and reasonably priced.


Get Moving

Staying active can be a trial in New York - the trick is to make it fun.  Here are a few healthy options to keep your body moving but that don???t feel like a chore:

Sculpt at 75 Wall Street

Beyond the obvious gym memberships, there???s the delightful option of Sculpt, operated by the perky and motivational Matthew R. Cole, the ???Body Whisperer.???  His hashtag is #behotterdamnit - a good summation of his energy and spunk.  The studio is beautiful and luxurious and the rates are (pretty) reasonable, plus the mantra of ???liberating yourself from back pain??? is undeniably enticing.

Yogacare at 121 Fulton Street

If you haven???t tried Bikram Yoga, now???s the time.  A room full of steam does wonders as it is, but try stretching in it and you???ll reach a whole new level of detoxification.  Yogacare offers classes at flexible times and decent rates.  Sound a little too intense?  Not to worry, they also offer breathing and meditation classes to quiet the busy mind of any stressed New Yorker.  Even if you go only once, you can apply the practices in your everyday life to improve your overall health.


Dance it out

Don???t mope - dance!  There are a cluster of dance studios right around FiDi that are perfect for keeping the body sharp and spry.  Try the legendary Fred Astaire Dance Studio Down Town at 291 Broadway, Suite 900, which offers classes in almost every imaginable style of ballroom dance possible - from salsa and tango to foxtrot and swing.  For intense focus on the body and the legendary Klein technique, try the Klein School of Movement and Dance at 60 Beach Street, teaching not only dance but a delightful philosophical re-understanding of the body and its movements.


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