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Post-Surgical Scarring: Taking Care of Your Body for Faster Healing

Posted by Rob Benhuri

Mar 30, 2015 2:27:00 PM

city acupuncture nyc post surgical scarPost-surgical scarring sometimes gets ignored in how much pain and inconvenience it causes for patients around the world. Generally, the lighter your skin tone is, the more apt it is that scarring will show up. Pain, as well, is a major factor in post-surgical scarring that may lead to patients turning to pain medications rather than something holistic.

Beyond natural methods, how you take care of yourself makes all the difference in making scarring heal faster. Something as simple as this can easily get overlooked when you're in a hurry to heal. Rather than taking time out for proper healing, perhaps you're forced back to work, or stick with unhealthy habits.

So what things should you take the time to do so your scarring heals quicker? Like any healing, it just takes a little extra thought to your daily activities.

Eating Right

One of the most common situations right after surgery is overeating or eating too much junk food, almost as a psychological reward for getting through surgery. If you want your post-surgical scars to heal faster, regulate your diet where you eat healing foods. This means more vegetables and foods rich in protein, while staying away from the reward foods that most likely contain sugar. Also eliminate snack foods with carbohydrates, or least reduce your intake.

Also important is drinking more water. You may not think this matters in healing, yet it does. Dehydration always inhibits healing, especially for your skin.


You may not feel like exercising after surgery, though light and careful exercise that isn't strenuous gets your blood flowing for aiding in healing. Blood flow is everything in healing wounds, and you should stop any bad habits inhibiting this in your body. This includes smoking, something that easily stifles oxygen and proper blood flow. It's already documented how smoke damages skin both short and long-term.

Enhancing Blood Flow with Massage or Acupuncture

One of the greatest aspects to acupuncture is restoring blood flow throughout the body thanks to acupuncture needles putting pressure on specific points of the body.

Massage does the same thing, and the mysterious nature of endorphins being released from this and acupuncture get studied quite often in medical science.

Do you have questions about how acupuncture can help?

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