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Neck and Shoulder Pain in the Age of Technology

Posted by Rob Benhuri

Jan 5, 2015 3:12:00 PM


If neck and shoulder pain suddenly takes over, your instinct might be to ask, "what have I done different recently?"

If that isn't leading you to a cause, you might be asking the wrong question. Instead, try: "What do I do excessively?"  


For most of us, the thing we do excessively is stare down at smart phones and computer screens, which results in slouching. The negative implications of bad posture go beyond the aesthetic; it can lead to major health issues.

When we slouch to type or text, we're allowing less oxygen to run through our bodies and brains. A recent article on CNN.com states:

"A lack of oxygenated blood flowing through the body can potentially lead to vascular disease. And gastrointestinal problems can be caused by pressure placed on the organs in a bad posture."

texting_2These are not the things you think about when texting your friends, nor should they be. But if you suffer from occasional or constant neck and shoulder pain, pay attention to how your neck is angled when you text and type. If you're constantly sloughing and straining your neck, the root of your pain is probably the so-called "text neck." 

If you suffer from text neck, you don't need to simply accept it as a side effect of modern living. Be realistic: no, you probably won't decrease your smart phone and computer usage very much if at all, but you can find ways to counter balance the strain on your neck and shoulders. 

For example, try elevating your computer and pulling it closer to you, then make a conscious effort to type with straight posture. It won't be so difficult if you're closer to the computer. 

When talking on your cell phone, use the speaker or blue tooth as often as possible to avoid the neck pressure of holding your phone to your ear. 

When texting, try lifting the phone to your face rather than lowering your face to the phone. 

Finally, try incorporating yoga into your workout routine with a focus on back bending poses such as cobra and wheel. 

When you become aware of the connection between technology and neck and shoulder pain, you will begin to create a healthier relationship between your body and your smartphone.  

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