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asianbusinesswomanwithneckpainAre you one of more than a quarter of Americans who suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain?

Heavy lifting, poor posture, stress and trauma are just a few of the reasons why neck and shoulder pain may affect you.

If you???re looking for relief, here are some natural ways to reduce that nagging neck pain that is ??? well ??? a pain in the neck!

Remedial Massages: Basic massages are great, but a remedial massage may be the ticket to pain relief. What???s the difference between the two? During a remedial massage, oil is applied and massaged into the skin. The purpose ??? to penetrate the muscles and joints and remove toxins, as well as relax the muscles and improve joint mobility. Click here to see our Top 3 Acupressure Points For Neck Pain and try remedial massage yourself at home!

Holistic Treatments: A huge trigger of neck pain that many people overlook is stress. Holistic treatments, such as aromatherapy, meditative music, and dim lighting may relieve stress, in turn clearing you of pain.

Avoid Triggers: Limiting your time spent in front of a computer is the best way to avoid recurring neck and shoulder pain. If it???s unavoidable to step away from the screen, be sure your desk and chair are ergonomically correct; this will provide you with better positioning while typing and using a mouse.

Add Some Magnesium: Magnesium is an essential mineral that helps contract and relax muscles. This aids in the reduction of muscle tightness in the neck and shoulders. Speak with your doctor about ways to add magnesium-rich foods or a magnesium supplement to your diet.

Swim it Away: Swimming has many therapeutic effects on the back, neck and shoulders. It reduces inflammation, provides quick pain relief and allows for unrestricted movements. No access to a pool? Why stand when you can sit? Ditch the shower because baths provide similar therapeutic effects.

To see our full library of free neck and shoulder pain resources, click here. Or better yet, download a free copy of our ebook!

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