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Natural Healing Foods For Chronic Pain

Posted by Rob Benhuri

May 25, 2015 12:00:00 PM

dill_riceIf you suffer from chronic pain, altering your diet is the single most important change you need to make. There is no point paying money for medicine if you don't stop the inflammatory cycle - it is a given that the pain will return. And the beginning of the inflammatory cycle is almost always the diet. 

There is a lot of info out there about general dietary changes you should make to decrease chronic pain. This post is geared for people who already know that, and are looking for some specific recipes they can use to keep eating in an anti-inflammatory way.

Brief note on me to establish my street cred: I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis, an immune disorder, in 2004. Since then I have dedicated my life to figuring out just what the heck is going wrong with all of our immune systems these days, and helping people figure out what to do about it.


On the road to recovery, I finally gave in earlier this year and started eating an anti-inflammatory diet. The basics of that diet are:

- No dairy

- No spicy food

- No sugar (fruit is ok)

- No processed foods

- No gluten

- No red meat

- No animal fat (except fish)

Ok, so that's all negative advice, ie it only tells you what NOT to eat. In this post we will start talking about some things that are GOOD to eat!

The first recipe is a family favorite of mine. My family is from Iran, which works very well for someone who is struggling with chronic pain as many of their dishes naturally encourage healthy fats and can easily be made vegan or with appropriate meats. So political conflagrations aside, Persian food = natural healing foods for chronic pain. Maybe we can stimulate some world peace on that.

Here is what you will need. I didn't bother writing "organic" next to every ingredient. I am assuming you know by now that it has to be organic.

- 1.5 cups white basmati rice

- 2 T olive oil

- 1 onion

- 2 cups chicken stock

- 1 cup of water

- 1 bunch of dill

- 1 large handful of string beans with the ends cut off

- 1 can of fava beans (if you can't find fava then white beans or even pinto beans will work)

- 1 half lemon

- Salt and Pepper to taste

First take a pot and heat it over a low flame. Add the olive oil and swish it around to cover the bottom of the pot. Mince the onion and add it to the oil. Let it cook until the onion gets soft and translucent, then add the uncooked rice. Stir over the low flame for about a minute. Then add the beans and stir a couple of times. Then add the string beans, stir again. When everything is mixed up and hot, pour in the chicken stock and water. Let it come to a boil, add the chopped dill, and cover it. Make sure the flame is on low and let it cook for about 12 minutes. Open the cover, and fluff the rice. Pour on the lemon and serve.

Pretty easy, right? I like to make a large amount at a time and then keep the rest in a glass tupperwear in the frifge so I have something ready for lunch the next day when I uam usually in more of a rush.

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