headache migraine all-natural headache relief Headaches ... migraines ... chronic head and neck pain. No matter what term you use, we have all suffered from some form of head discomfort at one time or another.

Stress and muscle tension are two of the leading causes of head pain. With our nonstop schedules, long work hours, not to mention around-the-clock use of computers, it's no wonder we are all ridden with headaches!

While many headache sufferers turn to pills and caffeine, others are opting for natural treatments instead. Here are some note-worthy tips that may provide you with the headache relief you’ve been searching for.

Take A Hands-on Approach: It’s time to get a little touchy-feely! Massage Therapy is especially helpful because it helps relieve that unwanted stress and muscle tension that triggers headaches. Before seeking a professional,  check out these massage techniques you can do yourself at home - hopefully that's enough!

balanceExercise: According to the National Headache Foundation, exercise is one of the leading ways to treat and prevent headaches. One option proven to fight headaches, is yoga. Why does yoga have such positive results? Yoga combines physical poses, along with relaxation, meditation, and breathing techniques. These practices help in the prevention and treatment of headaches by reducing stress, as well as improving circulation and the supply of oxygen to the brain and muscles.

Lifestyle Changes: You hear it time and time again. If something ails you ... be proactive and make necessary lifestyle changes. Easier said than done, right? While it may not be easy or fun, it can definitely be worthwhile. So, if you are plagued by headaches and migraines, try these helpful suggestions for every day head health: eat regular meals, stay well-hydrated, exercise regularly, and avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Relaxation Training: During stressful events, certain chemicals in the brain are released in order to combat the situation. The release of these chemicals can trigger headaches. Learning proper relaxation techniques can help you manage your headaches by modifying the pain and/or frequency of the headaches, as well as preventing them from becoming worse. Breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and mental imagery relaxation are just a few techniques that may be worth trying. At the very least, do some 4-7-8 breathing twice a day and see what happens!

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