illustration of hands with a heart, representing massage therapy at City AcupunctureWhat do you associate with the word "healing"?
Do you also hear health, disease, brokenness, or wholeness?
Healing implies that something is being restored to its original condition. That which went awry is being mended.
Traumas, tragedies, accidents and quite simply living all lend themselves to a individual seeking healing. Healing is at the heart of massage therapy.
A brief background.
Those who get into the practice of massage therapy have an earnest desire to help others. Sometimes one's own conditions or experiences lead them to this field. Other times it's a practice that has been nurtured by mentors, friends, or family. Whatever the reason, the core intention remains the same: to enhance the healing process.
What it takes.
Man gets massage at City AcupunctureMassage therapists spend years studying anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, eastern/western modalities, technique, history, and many other classes in order to graduate and earn a license to practice.
While the bells and whistles of slippers, robes and waterfalls may be nice, a massage therapist's in-depth training extends far beyond providing a "pampering" treatment. During your session, your therapist is constantly listening to and assessing your body's reception of the massage and then readjusting his/her approach and technique to achieve the goals you set together. This "all-in" requirement of the field is what makes finding a high quality, qualified massage therapist you can trust that much more valuable.
Your part. 
Keep your health a priority. Don't wait until you're in pain before you schedule a session. Regular massages can address tension before it becomes a chronic issue.
You will also enhance your body's healing process by circulating blood, oxygen and nutrients that encourage proper muscular functioning. Remember, massage treats more than just physical ailments. Your emotional, mental and spiritual health are all honored when you take time out for yourself.
Don't forget, disclosing your full health history will help you receive a better treatment as your therapist will understand your needs more thoroughly. An injury from 20 years ago might be the underlying cause of your neck pain but we won't know until you bring this to light. Overall, seek out complementary activities - counseling, working out, artistic expressions - to get a holistic handle on your health!
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