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Infertility and Depression: The Toxic Twins

Posted by Rob Benhuri

Oct 8, 2014 1:00:00 PM


The Heartache of Infertility will take a toll on a person's emotional well-being if it goes on long enough. Even


those of us who are natural optimists eventually succumb to the anxiety, depression, anger, and sadness that come with prolonged frustration.

Depression is very common in the TTC community.This blog post is intended as an introduction to the clinical side of things to help you decide for yourself what the best treatment options are. For more info on Fertility Support, check out our recent post, "Why am I not Getting Pregnant?"

Some signs of depression can include sleep issues, mood swings, problems with thoughts, and extreme irritability in women. If you are on conventional infertility treatments (eg Clomid), then it can be very hard to know if your feelings are due to side effects from fertility medications or from more of a general depression about the situation. In many cases it doesn't matter, but keep in mind that it is much harder to "treat" the depression if it is a side effect because the medications tend to be very potent.

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Depression can make you change your lifestyle habits, which in turn can cause various problems with your fertility. For example, depression can often cause overeating, or a reliance on "comfort foods." It can be a downward spiral: weight gain can worsen a hormonal imbalance, increase inflammation and lower your chances of getting pregnant, which makes you more depressed, which causes you to overeat...   

Probably worst of all, depression can make you start to withdraw for fear of running into yet another preganant friend or worse - some 16 year old on the subweay acting like a terrible parent to some poor baby.

So treat your depression. Check back to this blog for a steady stream of ideas, tips and tricks to help you do that.

 Having a support system is very important. Talk to friends and family about your difficulty, don't be shy. If you don't feel comfortable talking to friends or family, or if they are just not able to offer the support you need, seek professional counseling - it is well worth the investment. No matter what, don't fall into the infertility and depression trap.


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As one of the largest community acupuncture clinics in the country, City Acupuncture has helped thousands of women learn to treat depression naturally, even while undergoing infertility treatments - whether it's acupuncture for fertility or more conventional hormone-based treatments. If you would like to learn more, download our free ebook:



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