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back_pain_in_diff_vertBack pain is one of the most common reasons people come to City Acupuncture. We are posting this as the first in a series of video blogs (sorry, I can't hang with the "vlog" moniker) to demonstrate our favorite stretches that you can do at home in order to maximize the effects of your acupuncture or massage session.

Some key points to remember:

  • Stretches should never hurt! If they do, you are going too far. Back up a little, you will find your range of motion increases over time.
  • Don't hold these stretches. Although there is a lot of benefit to stretches that are held up to 30 seconds, this series is intended to be done in constant movement.
  • Don't be afraid to ask if you need help! Use the Ask an Acupuncturist button at the bottom of this post, or sign up for a 1:1 on stretching session to have Russell or one of our other massage therapists show you a routine you can do that is targeted to your specfic problems.


Stretching at home is the single best way to keep yourself healthy and pain-free in the long term. As much as we love seeing you here at City Acupuncture, we would much prefer that you didn't have pain in the first place!

Remember if you have questions you can always...

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