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Feeling S.A.D.? Take This Short Quiz

By Rob Benhuri - Jan 2, 2015 12:00:00 PM

S.A.D.1The human body and emotions are deeply sensitive to changes in weather, sunlight, temperature, air pressure and other seasonal variables.

Recently, doctors have been referring to this kind of seasonal depression as Seasonal Affect Disorder, or S.A.D..

Take this quiz to find out if you just have the "winter blues," or if there is something more serious going on:

  1. Have you experienced changes in your sleep pattern, especially a greater or more powerful need for sleep? Count this as a yes if you have more trouble than usual waking up or getting out of bed in the morning.

  1. Has your weight fluctuated? A noticeable and unusual gain or loss of weight indicates changes in diet and exercise. Most people suffering from S.A.D. experience weight gain but weight loss can be an indicator, too. 

  1. Are you more irritable than usual this time of year? This includes a short temper or an increasingly pervasive feeling of being flustered or disappointed.

  1. Do you feel tired or have less energy than usual? Whether or not you are missing sleep or oversleeping you might seem to feel tired all day.

  2. S.A.D.2

    Have you noticed an onset of social incidents or increased problems getting along with other people in your life? This can be a particularly frustrating symptom!

  3. Are you noticeably more hypersensitive to rejection? Even when the stakes are low or the situation is of no immediate importance, the S.A.D. sufferer often has a more intense sense of rejection.

  4. Do your arms and legs feel heavy? Fatigue often feels like physical weight on your wrists and ankles or other extremities but count this question as a yes if you have any sensation of sluggishness or physical fatigue.

  5. Has your appetite changed? Seasonal Affective Disorder most often affects appetite via sudden craving for foods high in sugar or complex carbohydrates. 

  1. Do you have trouble concentrating? Modern life holds many distractions. Do you have more trouble than usual?

  1. Have you noticed an increased desire to be alone? This one seems like a paradox! S.A.D. sufferers often feel lonely or alone yet do not feel a strong urge to interact with even the most important people in their life.

If you answered yes to 3 or more of the above questions you are a strong candidate for Seasonal Affective DIsorder. The Winter months are just beginning and it is a great time to seek treatment.

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