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Eat To Heal: Sweet Potatoes and Yams for Chronic Pain

Posted by Jonathan Howard

Sep 22, 2014 6:49:54 PM



sweetpotatoesFood is one of the best -and most fun - ways to heal. I???m always interested in improving my diet. As I was brainstorming and surfing the web for new blog ideas, I noticed one food kept coming back up in conversation at the office: sweet potatoes. I sat down to do some reading and realized:


I should be eating more sweet potatoes and yams~!

In the U.S., there can be a  lot of confusion about  sweet potatoes and yams. They are actually very different foods, belonging to two separate evolutionary families. Sweet potatoes are much more available in the U.S., where a consistant flavor outside of the growing region is a big selling point with American audiences. Yams are available, though, in a much wider variety of tastes and appearances. Fun Fact: The name "yam" was adopted from the word ???Nyami???, a Fulani (West African) word meaning "to eat." 

Many of our clients suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain can affect the back, shoulders, pelvis, knees, head and other parts of the body. Worst of all, trying to heal chronic pain can be a loooong road and this leads to depression or a sense of hopelessness.

Thankfully, we have found that many people can greatly increase their chances of success by managing their diet along with whatever other treatment they pursue.

If you are ready to start eating to heal, you might consider adding more sweet potatos and yams to your diet. That's because both sweet potatos and yams are high in carotenoids, which can help heal chronic pain by minimizing inflammation and strengthening immunity. 

Read more about this amazing super-food here (this redirects to another website but we still love you!). 

Or, if you'd like more info on managing chronic pains, check out our ebook, full of useful DIY tips and a pretty complete list of treatment options available to you, including pros and cons of each:


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