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Sonya Tsuchigane, trigger point acupuncture community acupuncture NYCAn Interview with Acupuncturist Extraordinaire Sonya Tsuchigane 

So let's get right to it. Does acupuncture hurt? 

???No, it doesn't! Some people will feel a slight sensation when the needle enters the acupuncture point, which some people describe as an achy-ness, or a heaviness, but really what???s happening is the point opening up to the client???s chi and allowing energy to flow through the body. I like to think of it as little keys of chi opening up on pathways in the body.???

How many treatments do I need?

???It depends on how severe or chronic the problem is. If you were to come in with an ankle sprain I would suggest coming in at least 2-3 times, with visits relatively close together, to gain noticeableimprovement. If it???s a more chronic issue, something that???s lasted over six months, something you???ve been dealing with possibly for years, or something that keeps recurring in your life, you have to really think about consistent, once-a-week treatment to gain a significant, marked changed in how you???re feeling.???

What else can acupuncture treat?

???In essence, acupuncture treats almost everything because it helps the body heal. Your body is what???s healing, what???s doing the work. The acupuncture is guiding the body to certain areas where there are blockages. It can treat mental, emotional, digestive, gynecological, musculoskeletal, injuries, insomnia??? anything that prevents you from living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.???

Why are you an acupuncturist?

???The simple answer to that is: I want to help people feel better. My background is in theater and acting. I???ve also done hair and makeup. I really enjoy making people better and not just looking better. It gives me great personal satisfaction to have one of my clients get off the table and tell me their body feels more relaxed, their mind feels more relaxed, they feel less anxious, they have hope in their day - that is what really carries me through.???

Is acupuncture safe?

???Acupuncture is very safe - it???s even safe for pregnant women. When you go to a trained, licensed acupuncturist, there is really no danger other than possible bruising at the acupuncture point site. I use an arnica cream to help with that, if there is any bruising.???

Tl/Dr: Does Acupuncture hurt? No!
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