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I am really excited and proud to announce that City Acupuncture NYC is in the midst of a big expansion. 

More details will be coming soon, but for now suffice it to say we are working on not 1 but 2 new NYC locations for the fall of 2017!

Since each clinic is independently owned and operated, we are splitting into separate email lists, one for each clinic. If you are already on the email list of any of our clinics, simply go to "update email preferences" in the footer of a recent email we have sent you to choose what types of email you want to receive. It's important that you go to this page from an email sent to you (not one forwarded to you) as the link will be specific for your choice of email subscriptions. If you don't have any old emails from us saved in your inbox (how dare you!) simply reply to this email and we will get one out to you asap.

From the update email preferences screen you'll see the option to get discounts and promos for our Fulton Street, East Village and Bed Stuy clinics. You'll also have the opportunity to get up to date on the new locations opening soon in Columbus Circle and the Flatiron District!

If you are a licensed acupuncturist and are interested in opening a City Acupuncture, please click here for more infomation.  

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