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City Acupuncture Celebrates National Poetry Month

Posted by Rob Benhuri

Apr 3, 2015 4:30:00 PM

pages_flippingAs many of you know, April is National Poetry Month.

We have decided to go full throttle in celebrating this undervalued holiday here at City Acupuncture, as we deeply believe that poetry is essential for personal growth and social wellness.

Here are three ways City Acupuncture is getting in the spirit: 

1. Starting today, anyone who brings a poem into the office will receive 5% off any service or product.*

2. Any current client can give a poem to a friend. If the friend brings the poem to us before April 30th, they can "redeem" it for their choice of a $19 acupuncture session or a $49 acupuncture-massage combo!*

3. We are planning a reading by some local poets at a wine-cheese-poetry event here at CANY on April 30th. For details, please be sure to check us out on Twitter.  

Also, please give us your suggestions on local poets who should read at the event!

 We are really looking forward to a beautiful month's worth of good writing, deep listening, and thought provocation. We are also really looking forward to filling our Poetry Board with all your poems to spread the good words!

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