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Understanding Type I Diabetes Through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Diabetes in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Multiple Sclerosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), multiple sclerosis (MS) is known as a type of wei zheng, or “flaccidity syndrome.” The primary symptom of this syndrome is muscle weakness, but in reality, the symptoms of MS are far more varied than this.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Acne

Acne is a problem which is often associated with teenagers, but in reality it can often affect adults too. This skin condition can be frustrating and embarrassing, not to mention painful!

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)...

Affordable Cosmetic Acupuncture Comes to Los Angeles

City Acupuncture Silver Lake is excited to bring affordable facial rejuvenation acupuncture to Los Angeles!

City Acupuncture comes to The Flatiron District of Manhattan!

The newest clinic is here

City Acupuncture Flatiron!

Do I have a Sprained Ankle?

Sprained ankles are a common injury which can result in pain and loss of mobility, making everyday activities difficult to carry out.

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Acute Pain Relief

What is Acute Pain?

Acute pain is pain which comes on quickly and lasts three to six months or less. It it often caused by injuries such as strains, sprains and pulled muscles.

When we are injured, our bodies produce inflammation as part of the...

Acupuncture for Chronic Cough

Is My Cough Chronic?

A cough is normally associated with a cold or flu and will go away by itself within a few weeks.

Although coughs can be annoying, they are not normally anything to worry about. However, you should see your physician if you have...

Acupuncture for Low Libido in Men

Low libido, or low sex drive, is something that will affect most people at some stage.

Whether it is due to a stressful lifestyle, relationship difficulties, a medical condition or simply getting older, finding that you have a reduced sex drive...

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