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Acupuncture for Fascia Pain Relief

Have you ever wondered why your organs do not collide inside you when you jump rope? Or how your muscles stay attached to your bones? The answer is fascia.

Treating Menopausal Symptoms with Acupuncture

Menopause is a transitional time. Lasting up to 12 months, this process can cause many uncomfortable symptoms that are disruptive to your daily life. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, “The physical symptoms, such as hot flashes and emotional...

Tips to GREEN your skin care routine

It's not always easy being green. It seems no matter where we turn, there is a new skin care product being pushed in our faces. While most claim they are the greatest and most organic, it's hard to know if we can really believe them.

If you're...

Skin care: keep your skin happy all winter long

Freezing temperatures and dry air can leave your skin flaky, fragile, and dull. But don't despair: follow these simple skin care tips to get your skin healthy and glowing in no time.

1. Moisturize more

Icy air outdoors and dry heat indoors can...

How to eliminate those puffy eyes naturally

Puffy eyes are often caused by swelling in the tissues surrounding the eyes, which is a common problem for many people. The good news is, many natural home remedies will help you to eliminate them easily.

1. Massage 

Massage is one way to help...

Out Out Damned spot: Skin Care Treatments for Sun Spots

As we age, our skin starts to show the signs of a life lived.  That can show up as fine lines and wrinkles, broken capillaries, sagging skin, or even brown sun spots.

These brown sun spots (known more officially as hyperpigmentation) can be one...

All Natural Skin Care With Vitamin E Oil

Skin care products are everywhere you turn, but do you ever find yourself wondering if any of these so-called enriching products are actually beneficial to your skin?

It's time to skip the skin care aisle and head straight to the vitamin...

All Natural Skin Care for Pimples

During our regular skin care routines, fighting the common pimple is something that we all will experience.

Many over-the-counter products use chemicals that are difficult to pronounce, and can do more harm than good, often drying up your skin. 


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