many_productsSkin care products are everywhere you turn, but do you ever find yourself wondering if any of these so-called enriching products are actually beneficial to your skin?

It's time to skip the skin care aisle and head straight to the vitamin section. While there, grab a bottle of vitamin E oil capsules and you'll be one step closer to better health and skin.  

If you suffer from any of the following skin woes, vitamin E is for you.

Brown Spots: Age spots, liver spots, brown spots. Not matter what you call them, they are nothing to cheer about. While they typically affect those 50 years and older, they can also appear on people who are younger; especially those who spend a lot of time in the sun. Vitamin E oil is one way to help lighten, as well as smooth these spots. By lubricating the cell membranes, cell regeneration is encouraged. In turn, less unsightly brown spots and more beautiful skin!

Cuticles: Dry, cracked cuticles are a common complaint, especially during cold, winter months. If you suffer from this issue, just apply a few drops of vitamin E oil to your trouble spots. This will help hydrate your cuticles and prevent future damage.  

Scars: Plagued by scars? While it may seem as though there is nothing you can do to get rid of them, you're actually in luck! Pure vitamin E oil is a great way to help heal scars, as well as stop them before they happen. Vitamin E oil goes beneath the surface of skin, blocking free radicals, which are particularly harmful to scar tissue because they prohibit healing. It may not be an overnight solution, but give it time. Cover scars with oil once a day and they'll eventually disappear. 

city acupuncture skin care email sign up Wrinkles: When you hit your late 20's, you may start to fret the idea of wrinkles. You may even begin to notice wrinkles becoming more apparent on your skin. While wrinkles may be a part of the aging process, that doesn't mean you can't take preventative measures. Vitamin E oil will help you prevent the formation of wrinkles by blocking those pesky, damaging free radicals. It will also boost collagen production - that amazing connective tissue that keeps your skin tight and wrinkle-free. 

For more benefits of vitamin E and other useful skin care tips, we have the info

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