Man coughing with bronchitisAcupressure (also known as tui na massage) focuses on stimulating specific points of the body to help relieve symptoms of a specific medical condition. Here are several acupressure points for treating asthma:

?? acupressure points for asthma 1Collarbone points

Located below the collarbone, on either side of the chest, three finger widths below the collarbone is where you find this acupressure asthma relief point. Pressing firmly with the index finger and middle finger for about three to four minutes on a regular basis helps relieve some of the symptoms of asthma and other bronchial symptoms such as coughing, congestion and chest tension.

?? acupressure points for bronchitisBreastbone points

The next of the acupressure points for bronchial asthma is the breastbone points, located in the hollow area under the collarbone and beside the breastbone. Use your index finger and middle finger and apply pressure on a regular basis, approximately five minutes each time to help relieve the anxiety associated with asthma, coughing and congestion.

You can also use acupressure massage for asthma at the breastbone points. To do this, using your index and middle fingers, apply firm pressure and massage the breastbone points area in a circular motion.


acupressure points for asthma and bronchitis?? Shoulder blade points for acupressure asthma relief

You find the shoulder blade points on the back of the shoulder, just one finger width below the shoulder blades. An individual applying acupressure points asthma treatment relief finds the shoulder blade points, applies pressure and uses the same manner of acupressure massage for asthma described above to relieve symptoms such as muscle aches and pain, coughing and sneezing.


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?? Base of thumb acupressure point

You find the base of thumb point in the fleshy or pad of palm area at the base of the thumb. Once you locate this point, apply pressure for five minutes at a time to help relieve asthma symptoms.


?? Wrist acupressure point

The wrist acupressure point for relieving asthma is located on the wrist below the thumb. Apply pressure for three to four minutes. Then switch and apply pressure for the same amount of time to the other wrist.


?? Index finger point

Modern Reflexology explains that you can locate this acupressure asthma relief point on the outer side of each index finger, diagonal to the thumb, in a ???sore point??? area. Using your thumb, apply pressure for two to three minutes. Repeat the process on your other index finger.

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