insomnia-acupressure.jpgIf you suffer from insomnia and tried conventional medications prescribed by your doctor, you likely discovered that the medications produced side effects such as fatigue and drowsiness.

Considering acupressure to treat insomnia offers an option without side effects and can result in peaceful, relaxed sleep.

Acupressure to Relieve Insomnia

Using acupressure to relieve insomnia or other sleep disorders gives you the opportunity to relax, fall asleep and stay asleep. Here are some of the acupressure points used in insomnia and sleep disorder treatments:


Sometimes referred to as ???Shining Sea,??? Modern Reflexology says that Kidney 6, or K6, ???Promotes restful sleep.??? Located just on the inside of the anklebone is a slight depression. Holding or applying pressure to the area helps to promote restful sleep.

Take a few deep breaths while applying pressure to relieve anxiety and tension, which often accompany insomnia.


Stimulating or applying pressure to the B10 or Urinary Bladder 10 acupressure point helps cure insomnia. Find B10 at the back of the neck, half an inch below the base of the skull, on the muscles on the outer area of the spine. Applying acupressure at the B10 point relieves stress, exhaustion and the insomnia itself.

Applying pressure to B10 for one minute while you take deep breaths promotes restful relief to treat insomnia.


B38 or ???Vital Diaphragm,??? is a crucial area for applying acupressure to treat insomnia. Located in the back at the heart level and between the shoulder blade and spine, B38 is one of the most common areas used to apply acupressure to cure insomnia.

Stimulation of the B38 point balances emotions such as grief, stress and anxiety, which often contribute to insomnia and other sleep disorders.


Using acupressure to relieve insomnia at Urinary Bladder 62, or B62, relieves pain that often keep people awake, sometimes resulting in chronic insomnia. Michael Reed Gach, PhD, says that this is an acupressure point referred to as ???Calm sleep.???

Place the thumb on one side of B62, located on the outside of your heel and below the anklebone and place the fingertips on the other side of the ankle. Stimulating B62 point relieves headaches, low back pain and a stiff neck so that you can get restful sleep.


GV16, or Governing Vessel 16, is sometimes referred to as the Wind Mansion. Located in the back of your head, in the hollow area at the base of the skull, applying acupressure to relieve insomnia at GV16 provides relief from stress, fear and palpitations that have the potential to result in insomnia.

Applying firm pressure for one minute while you tilt your head back, with your eyes closed, provides relief from your insomnia. Take deep breaths while applying acupressure to treat insomnia to GV16.


Located on the inside of the crease of the wrist and in line with the little finger, applying acupressure to treat insomnia at H7 relieves anxiety, stress, over-excitement, palpitations and chest pain often experienced by individuals suffering from insomnia.

Apply pressure to H7 by placing the thumb of the right hand on the point for one minute. Then apply pressure to H7 point on the other wrist.

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Other Tips

Breathe deeply. With your eyes open, then with your eyes closed, move the eyes in a circle three times.

Achieve deep relaxation by taking several slow, deep breaths before bedtime. While rubbing the acupressure point in a circular motion, breath in and out through your nose. Try to concentrate only on your breath going in and out. Feel it enter and exit your nose, feel your chest rise and fall, allow your consciousness to be enveloped with the sensation of the breath.

Can Acupressure Help Treat Insomnia?

Insomnia is a chronic problem for many individuals. Dr Michael J Breus, PhD, says in Psychology Today ???There???s plenty of science???and lots of anecdotal evidence???to show that whatever acupressure does can actually relieve pain and help treat an array of conditions.???

When you suffer from insomnia, acupressure to cure insomnia offers an option to finally find peaceful, relaxing sleep.

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