neck-and-shoulder-painIf you are new to acupressure you will be pleasantly surprised to discover how you can use it with ease to relieve neck pain. Acupressure is the use of therapeutic points along the skin's surface that bring about healing when stimulated by touch. This simple healing modality is free and can relieve muscle tension and stress quickly, no matter what the cause of your neck pain. This short guide will help you alleviate neck pain while at the office, on the go or even while playing sports or exercising.

Top Three Acupressure Points For Neck Pain Relief

1. GB 20: This point is easily located by opening both palms and placing them on the sides of your head (your middle fingers should be aligned somewhere near the top of your skull). Now slide your thumbs down the back of your head until they rest in a little depression on each side of your neck, right where the skull ends to meet your neck. Dig your thumbs into this depression for 30 seconds, making small circles with your thumbs.

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2. GB 21: This point is midway from the neck to the shoulder on the trapezius along the belly of the muscle. This is easy to find- it is the muscle that everyone has a knot in. This is usually where someone would be rubbing your shoulders. Use the hand opposite the side that hurts. Grab as much of that muscle as you can between your thumb and index/middle finger. Now gently and rapidly squeeze and release the muscle. Work your way from the base of your neck all the way to your shoulder, then start again by the base of your neck. If you discover one area of the muscle that is more sore than the others concentrate here- you have just located the muscle's trigger point. Get right into the area by digging with your thumb as hard as you can take it. Follow up with a grasping and rubbing afterward to continually loosen the area.


3. SI 3: To locate this point, make a loose fist with the hand that hurts (if both sides hurt do both, but one at a time). While in a loose fist, bring your palm inward toward your chest so your loose fist rests in the middle of your chest- your thumb will be pointing upward toward your chin. With your opposite hand, use your index finger to locate the point just past the 5th knuckle (the pinky knuckle). You will feel a fold of skin kind of popping out.

Dig into that fold with your index finger of the opposite hand. You will discover that there is a slight depression between the bones of the hand if you feel around. This depression should be fairly sore if you are experiencing neck pain. Use as much pressure as you can stand with that index finger making small circles in the depression there. Switch sides if you find that both hands are sore.

Acupressure can be done from anywhere at any time, quickly, safely and easily. Use these techniques several times daily if you are experiencing neck pain. 

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