"Everybody's got stress," you say. 

True, but your ability to manage stress and not let it take over your life is crucial. Here are a few ways to be nice to yourself and minimize the impact of chronic stress on your life. 

1. Improve Your Sleep Quality

black_girl_in_hood_depression-892424-edited.jpgDuh. If it were that easy everyone would be sleeping better!
Still, the fact remains that managing stress during the day starts with sleeping well at night. Of course it's normal to have a bad night of sleep occasionally. But when most nights you can't get to sleep, or wake through the night, it will exacerbate every physical problem you have and leave you with a chronically low mood. This makes managing stress much more difficult!
One strategy is to try magnesium before Ambien.  When you have insomnia, especially when accompanied by chronically tight muscles and anxiety, you may be low in magnesium. Try a supplement before bed, like Natural Calm, for a few weeks. Magnesium is "the calming mineral", and too little of it will leave you feeling ragged and wired at night. 

2. Meditate

Even a few minutes a day can help minimize stress, promote a relaxed mood, and improve sleep.  Start with 5 minutes in the morning and work your way up a few minutes everyday. There are free meditation apps that can help you get started, two of our favorites at City Acupuncture are Insight Timer and Stop, Breathe and Think.

3. Use CBD Oil

Not to be confused with marijuana THC oil, this cannabinoid oil contains no psychoactive ingredients and is 100% legal. It is a powerful anti inflammatory agent and neuroprotectant, meaning it can help with chronic pain and tension, anxiety, depression, as well as help you to bounce back from stressful events faster. In our professional opinion CBD oil is a great way to help you manage stress!
Charlotte's Web is our favorite, we stock it at City Acupuncture Bed Stuy, or you can order from www.cwhemp.com

4. Do Yoga

It doesn't matter if you're self conscious and feel like you're out of shape. So do the rest of us. Just go get on the mat!

You get the benefit of a gentle guided stretching session to unwind your overworked neck and shoulders blended with a workout AND you'll learn meditation basics. Our local studio, Sacred,  on Clifton Place is affordable, with lots of flexible class times and excellent teachers.


5. Minimize Your Coffee Intake

Our least popular suggestion to patients, times infinity! We all love it, but if you're depending on it to get through every day, you could be having a deep impact on the hormones that regulate your sleep cycle. Cut down gradually and replace coffee with tea as much as possible.
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