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4 Things New Yorkers Do Everyday That Cause Low Back Pain

Posted by Rob Benhuri

May 13, 2014 7:00:00 AM


Have you considered what aspects of your daily routine that may be contributing to your experience of low back pain? Whether you're pounding the New York City pavement or sitting behind a desk all day at work, the movements that drive daily activity are often the underlying culprits of low back pain. Let's take a look at the four common causes of low back pain affecting New Yorkers today.

Four Common Causes of Low Back Pain In New York City

1. Sitting at a computer all day throughout the week. Many people who have careers behind a desk tend to sit hunched forward for the majority of their work day. When hunched over like this, the low back muscles have to work extra hard to keep your body upright. These muscles include the psoas, erector spinae, glutes, quadratus lumborum and piriformis.

Quick fix:  Whenever possible, perhaps to make phone calls for work, stand and walk around. Getting up to stretch or go for a walk is imperative to avoid low back pain from getting the best of you.

2. Binge exercising on the weekends. We get it - we know you're busy and you want to put the pedal to the metal when you actually find time to work out, but the body is simply not made for short bursts of intense activity. Not only are you putting yourself at risk for developing serious injuries, you may be doing more harm than good overall. Excessive lifting, over-rotating and stretching may actually contribute to inflammation, complicating low back pain. Moving the body at an elevated intensity only to return to a sedentary lifestyle throughout the week may contribute to soreness, continued low back pain, fatigue, un-natural lengthening and shortening of muscles and tendons and overall achiness.

Quick Fix: Try to exercise for  20 minutes, three to five times a week. The trick is to do a little each day, building intensity as you go. You can always use this form to ask us about what exercise routines are most ideal for your personal wellness goals. back-pain-relief

3. Making everyday movements in an unfocused way. Are you mindful of your posture? Do you notice how you're sitting or standing throughout the day? You can hurt your back doing the dishes  if you???re not careful after all! Bringing your attention to how you execute everyday, routine activity could prevent common tweaks and pains.

Quick Fix: Pay attention to the way you stand. If you notice that you lean on one leg, try to lean on the other one for an equal amount of time. Pay special attention to your toes. If you notice that they splay out (meaningm your toes are pointing in any direction besides directly in front of you) make the conscious effort to change that, every time you notice it.

4. Ignoring or mistreating an acute injury that becomes chronic. Everyone gets hurt eventually. How you decide to remedy that injury dictates how it will affect the rest of your body for years to come. Rather than ignoring an acute injury, be proactive; get it treated immediately following the incident to prevent future injury or an everyday experience of developing low back pain.

We understand that everyone's experience of low back pain is unique. We look forward to helping you discover the cause and develop a plan to help you become low back pain free at a visit soon.

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