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3 Tips to Prevent a Summer Cold

By Donna Nield, L. Ac - Jul 18, 2017 10:16:00 AM

black_woman_with_cold-723941-edited.jpgThere is nothing worse than a summer cold- It???s hot out and you are cold (and hot)!

As the owner and clinic director of City Acupuncture in the East Village of NYC I get cases like this every summer. You go from work - with the a/c blasting all day - into the sweltering heat of the city, to the even hotter subway platform, to the freezing cold subway, to sweltering heat outside again... It's a tax on your immune system that makes it harder for you to fight off those pesky colds!

Here are 3 ways to prevent a summer cold:

1. Keep your neck covered.

keep a scarf and/or extra sweater in your bag- the weather keeps changing.  I always recommend keeping your neck covered.  This will help you avoid not only a cold, but is also very important for people susceptible to neck spasm.  

2. Avoid cold and raw foods.

As the weather gets warm, please be careful that you aren???t bombarding your stomach with ice cold drinks, smoothies, salads and other raw, cold foods.  Put some cooked vegetables in your salads, drink your beverages room temperature.


3. Sweat it out.

When you feel a cold coming on don???t hesitate.  Get in a very hot bath, drink some hot ginger tea then get under the covers and sweat.  A good sweat can often nip a nasty cold before it gets started.  

I hope that helps! If you have any other tips you want to share for getting rid of a summer cold, write them in the comments below!

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