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black_guy_back_pain-354717-editedLow back pain has many causes; too many to name.  The good news is that most causes of low back pain can be easily remedy, the bad news is that most people have no idea how to fix their problem and end up living their life in agony for far too long.  Some people even turn to pain medication instead of fixing the root of the problem which can only make matters worse.  In many cases the cause of low back pain can easily be identified and cured in a relatively short period of time. 

Poor Posture

This is probably the number one cause of low back pain in a society where more and more jobs consist of sitting for long periods of time.  Back pain is not the only problem with this kind of lifestyle but it can affect your quality of life immensely.  Luckily there are a few simple solutions for this predicament:

First of all, do your best to correct your posture.  It is easy to fall into the same old sitting habits so you will need to be mentally aware and try to keep your posture correct.  Remember that your ears should be at the same level as your shoulders at all times. This is next to impossible while typing (unless you are one of thos etyping wiz people who can do it without looking at the keyboard, in which case I applaud you!) so make sure to get back to the right form as soon as you look up from the keyboard.

poor_postureAlso, keep the middle of your computer screen at about eye level. The idea there is you don't want to have to look up or down to read most things on your screen. Your head weighs about 10 lbs, so every time you look up or down you are putting strain on your neck and shoulders, which in turn puts strain on your llow back.

Another great way to help your low back is lower back exercises a few days a week. A strong lower back will automatically help you with posture issues. 

Lastly, take a break once an hour to get up and move around a little; this will take pressure off your spine and wake up those muscles that are feeling a little too comfortable. 

Lifting with Your Back

Whether you work in a physical job or you are just doing some work around the house chances are that you have ignored that whole "lift with your legs" suggestion at least once.  Just because there is a good excuse for why you are lifting with your back doesn't mean that it is not going to do some damage.  The best course of action is to lift with your legs, but if that is not an option a few days of rest followed by weekly low back workouts to strengthen your back should do the trick. 

Sleeping In An Awkward Position

This one is a little harder to work with because it costs some money and you are not exactly in control of your body when you are sleeping.  If you are having low back problems and have no idea where they are coming from the best bet is probably your bed.  Your mattress may to hard or too soft; or even too old for the support that your back needs, then again it may not be your bed at all. Try sleeping on your back if you can, if not, sleep with a pillow between your knees to help keep proper spinal alignment while sleeping on your side.   

I hope this has helped serve as a good intro to solving your low back pain at home. If you want more information (including more in-depth treatment strategies) check out our free ebook!

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