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3 Healthy Lunch Options in FiDi

Posted by Rob Benhuri

Nov 9, 2015 2:14:00 PM


Eating a healthy lunch can be hard. Work demands and deadlines may often require you to work through lunch or force you to grab something unhealthy from a local fast food chain or corner hot dog cart. If you work in the financial district in New York City, chances are your job is important and requires a time commitment that can be stressful. Grabbing a quick lunch allows you to get more work done. If this is a constant challenge for you, we recommend 3 healthy lunch options in FiDi.


Dig Inn

Dig Inn has locally sourced food that is affordable. Locally sourced means the food is bought from local farmers or other local sources keeping the money in the community. Dig Inn touts food that is as close to nature???s origin as possible. They offer salads to sides of greens or other healthy options. This can include chargrilled chicken, salmon, brussel sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes, and more. You can order a plate with your choice of meat of vegetarian option and two sides. The combinations are endless making this a great place to eat healthy your way.


Mulberry and Vine

This eatery has a hip look to it. They have a wide variety of healthy vegan options, and you can even place your order online to save time. This is a choose-your-own experience, where you can pick three options that are all vegetarian, all meat, or anything in-between. From quinoa to Mediterranean braised chicken, you have plenty of healthy and delicious options. With either vegetarian or meat offerings, the combinations and varieties of lunches to please you pallet are endless. This is a healthy option that gives you choice and control over your lunch plate.


Roti Mediterranean Grill

Roti promises food that will love you back. With food that is grown pesticide free and raised in free-range environments, Roti is all about making sure you???re eating the healthiest and most natural ingredients. They put nutrition information right on the website so you can plan your meal wisely. Also Roti makes foods that require minimal ingredients, yet are delicious. Humus, falafel, and kabobs are their most popular offerings. You can also build your own meal by choosing a sauce, three sides, and one topping. This is one place you will want to visit and nosh at frequently.


Don???t let a busy work schedule or other demands stop you from eating healthy. You can eat naturally, quickly, and relatively affordably with the peace of mind you are taking care of yourself.

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