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skin care acupuncture new york city los angelesAcupuncture for Skin Care

Keeping your skin looking its best can be a bit challenging sometimes.

If you???re dealing with skin disorders like eczema, acne or psoriasis, your skin is a constant reminder of your chronic problem. In addition to these common skin disorders, many people are interested in treating fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. 

Understanding the root of your skin care problems, whether hormonal, environmental, diet or other, is one of the first things acupuncture will try to address.  Even if you???ve been fighting skin problems for years, properly administered, acupuncture can radically improve the look of your skin.  


Is Acupuncture for Skin Care Right for You?

If you haven???t seen the results you want from the skincare treatments you???ve been using, acupuncture can help. Because acupuncture treatments are personalized to your needs and your skin care goals, they can be extremely effective at helping you manage your skin care problems and even relive them for good! 

To learn if acupuncture is a good option for your skin care problems, we encourage you to schedule an initial session with one of our acupuncturists today.

If you???re new to City Acupuncture, remember to ask about our new client offer!


Unlike other treatment options for skin problems, City Acupuncture???s patient-centered approach allows our acupuncturists to devise a plan of treatment that is best suited for your needs. 

During your first visit, you will meet with one of our board certified acupuncturists for an evaluation of your specific skin care concerns, challenges and goals.  This initial evaluation will allow your acupuncturist to customize your treatment plan help meet your individual skin care goals.

Find a City Acupuncture Clinic Near You

Making acupuncture affordable and accessible is City Acupuncture???s goal. With four locations around NYC and one in Los Angeles, you???re sure to find one close to your home or workplace. 

To get started on your skin treatment plan or to find out more about acupuncture for skin care, contact one of our locations in Fulton Street, East Village, Columbus Circle,  or Silver Lake. 

Restore and regain your healthy glow today ??? you???ll feel better from the inside and out!
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acupuncture skin care new york city los angeles
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