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Knee Pain

Acupuncture for Knee pain

Knee pain frequently results in such debilitating pain that it affects daily activities and the very lives of many people. Conventional treatments sometimes have little effect on knee pain.

Fortunately, acupuncture offers the option to treat your knee pain without the side effects of medications and can help you return to your regular daily activities.

Understanding the Source of Your Knee Pain

While injury typically causes some types of pain, knee pain often results from medical conditions such as arthritis. Other conditions, as well as injuries, contribute to the knee pain that people often suffer from, sometimes with little relief from their pain after undergoing traditional treatments.



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Relief for Knee Pain Caused by Arthritis and Overuse

As with some other joints, the knee takes its fair share of abuse. This potentially leads to wear and tear as well as injuries to the knee. Arthritis of the knee is not uncommon. In fact, researchers reviewing research from studies on osteoarthritis of the knee and the effect of acupuncture to treat knee pain call knee pain “A major cause of disability among adults,” also saying that arthritis of the knee is “most frequently associated with disability.”

Overuse of the knee, affecting those involved in sports, specific types of employment, and other types of activities, also potentially contribute to knee pain.

Traditional treatment for knee pain often includes anti-inflammatory medication as well as pain medications and physical therapy, with varying results. However, results show that acupuncture offers relief to individuals suffering from knee pain.

Treating Knee Pain with Acupuncture at City Acupuncture

Whether you suffer from acute knee pain such as that caused by an injury or chronic knee pain from a condition such as arthritis of the knee, the acupuncturists at City Acupuncture offer an individualized treatment plan. This means that your treatment plan considers your specific knee pain and features a plan to specifically treat your knee pain.

Therefore, City Acupuncture does not offer a one-size-fits-all approach because the needs of one person are different than the needs of another individual.


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Schedule Your First Visit at Any of Our NYC Locations

Upon scheduling your first session, you will receive an individualized evaluation during your first visit at City Acupuncture. Your acupuncturist then develops a course of treatment most appropriate for you and your specific needs.

The acupuncturist discusses your treatment plan with you and answers your questions. Your customized treatment plan offers detailed information about your treatment options and the sessions necessary to help treat your knee pain.

Featuring three NYC locations for your convenience, there is undoubtedly a City Acupuncture location near your home or workplace.

Ask about our new client offer when you contact us today!

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