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Acu_img  Acupuncture

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  • Is the most widely used system of medicine on earth.
  • Has been used by billions of people over thousands of years.
  • Is effective for a wide range of issues including acute pain, chronic pain, digestive concerns, anxiety, depression, fertility support, skin problems, smoking cessation, weight loss, and many more.


Community Acupuncture

Single Session: $49

All Treatment plans are 20% Off!

  • Community Acupuncture is performed in a large room with screens separating the beds.
  • There is a 10 minute consultation period with your acupuncturist included and 30 - 40 minutes of resting time with the needles in.
  • This is the best option for people who have never tried acupuncture before, as the practitioner can see you at all times in case you are feeling nervous or uncomfortable.



Trigger Point Acupuncture 

  • Trigger point acupuncture is a direct manipulation of muscle knots (also known as trigger points) to treat pain and injury.
  • This is the best session type for people who have pain from a specific musculoskeletal problem, because the results tend to be very quick.
  • All Trigger Point (TP) practitioners at City Acupuncture have had special training in TP above the standard licensure requirements. 

Acupuncture-Massage Combos

kid_boxing_2-882600-editedThe one-two punch of wellness

Many times the fastest route to recovery is combining acupuncture and massage into one 60-minute appointment. 

Each combo consists of 30 minutes of acupuncture and 30 minutes of targeted massage therapy for $75.

  • This is often the best bet for acute pain or chronic pain that is flaring up
  • Trigger Point acupuncture combos are available.
  • Please call us at (212) 513-0437 to book a combo, they are not available online at this time.
Not Sure Which Session Type
is Right For You?
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