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139 Fulton Street #208
New York, NY 10038




155 East 2nd Street bet. A and B
New York, NY 10009




1069 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11216




140 W. 58th St. LL
New York, NY 10019

(646) 216-3939 


The City Acupuncture Advantage

1. Affordability.

The average acupuncture visit costs $90 in NYC. City Acupuncture offers sessions as low as $39 so you can afford to come as often as you need to see substantial and lasting results. 

2. Experience.

City Acupuncture has completed over 100,000 acupuncture sessions in the past 8 years. No matter what health challenges you are facing, it's a good bet that our licensed professionals have helped multiple other people get through those same challenges over the years.

3. Convenience.

All 3 of our New York City clinics are open 7 days a week, with weeknight hours until at least 8pm and weekend hours until 5pm. Each clinic has multiple acupuncturists on staff so you can get an appointment when and where it is most convenient for you.


Acupuncture is covered by many insurance plans! 

We will check your plan's benefits to see if you are covered. Call your clinic's office with your insurance info to get started.

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All Natural, Safe and effective

Acupuncture is a complete system of medicine that has successfully treated many common health conditions for over 2,000 years.

Often misunderstood, acupuncture is a sophisticated process of stimulating neurovascular nodes (known as acupuncture points) to regulate the flow of oxygen and blood through the circulatory system. This is done with the aim of allowing your body's own healing agents to get where they are needed. By focusing on improving the performance of your body's innate healing ability, acupuncturists are able to help you recover from a wide array of problems without drugs or surgery.  

Our Services



Acupuncture has been used by billions of people over thousands of years for everything from acute pains to the common cold to fertility support to immune disorders to facial rejuvenation and more! 



Massage Therapy is more than a relaxing way to pamper yourself. See what medical massage from one of our licensed massage therapists can do.


skin care

We have a range of services available, with or without acupuncture involved. See how City Acupuncture can help you look and feel your best!




You have probably seen the pictures of Michael Phelps with the circular bruises by now. Watch our very own Sonya Tsuchigane demonstrate a cupping session! 

Ever tried an acu-facial?

If you have never tried an acu-facial before, here is a great chance to see what it's all about! Watch Sonya Tsuchigane do a live demonstration of facial acupuncture!

What Our Clients Say

  • All the acupuncturist I have experienced have been very courteous, welcoming and so much better than other acupuncturists in the city and Brooklyn. Today I did the trigger point combo (Amazing!!!) and got to experience one of their massages, it was the best!
    Stevie G.
    - Brooklyn, NY
    This is really a secret in Lower Manhattan!! Affordable, professional, clean and well maintained. Good energy and calming vibrations. LOVE it!!!
    Elizabeth C.
    - Peck Slip, NY
  • Great people great services. Very polite, relaxing environment and affordable price. What else you need. Always listen to you and try the best to make you feel comfortable. I have lower back surgery and after i found this place from groupon its my first choice. Even when i have back pain or just i feel stressful after one session the difference surprised you. Highly recommended. In a city who you have to pay lots of money for everything we have to support places like this with reasonable prices and good work.
    Anast A.
    - Brooklyn, NY

    Because she balanced my hormones so well I was able to conceive without any drugs! She also took away my backache during my pregnancy and the nausea from morning sickness!!!!

    Nakeeta W.
    - New York, NY
  • I've been going for a couple of months and I can't say enough good things about the acupuncture and the massage. I was a little skeptical going in, but I have noticed very concrete changes that I can't attribute to anything else. I don't mind that it's community acupuncture, and I usually go at an off time. I tend to see the same acupuncturist and she remembers me and my issues and tweaks the session to adjust for any particulars in the few weeks prior to my appointment. I walk out feeling really refreshed and I see a big difference in my level of functioning after the appointments.
    Elizabeth B.
    - New York, NY
    Fantastic service in a great location. A co-worker recommended this spot to me when I was having problems with arthritic feet & toes; my MD had also suggested acupuncture as a possible treatment for the same issues. I'd never undergone acupuncture before, but am a definite fan now. I agree heartily with the other reviewers' descriptions of the communal setting, which is absolutely relaxing despite the shared quarters. Staff is uniformly professional and helpful.  Would recommend this to one and all--they're great.
    Jeff D.
    - Portland, OR
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